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Curriculum statement


PE provides all pupils with the opportunity to be successful in physical activity. Year 3 and 4 pupils will practise and develop fundamental movement skills whilst working in different group dynamics. By the time pupils reach years 5 and 6 they will have a deeper PE experience. They will have built an extensive range of skills and developed the confidence to work in a variety of group contexts and apply tactical and strategic thinking under pressure. Pupils will experience social development through the PE curriculum and understand the impact that physical activity has on their health and wellbeing.


PE lessons are planned and delivered with a focus on the breadth and depth of learning. A carefully sequenced progression of skills allows pupils to develop and achieve high quality outcomes.  The delivery covers the national curriculum themes of athletics, dance, gymnastics, swimming, OAA and games (net & wall, invasion and striking & fielding). The allocated 2 hours curriculum time is delivered by the class teacher and supported fortnightly by a specialist PE teacher. Nationally recognised PE resources provide extensive teaching and learning materials to build teacher confidence (Real PE, Real Gym and iMoves). There are opportunities to extend individual pupils and provide support for others. Lessons are linked over a number of weeks to allow skills to be refined and developed.



Tillingbourne pupils will build upon basic underlying principles to develop an extensive range of PE skills in a positive and inclusive learning environment. Pupils will have the confidence to try new things and be resilient when challenges arise. They will be able to demonstrate quick decision making in a variety of game situations. They will understand the benefits of working in different group dynamics. They will have the confidence to lead and support others. They will understand the importance of physical activity in a wider context and possess the skills and enthusiasm to develop their learning further.

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