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Our children achieve well in English and in Maths. They apply and further develop literacy and numeracy skills through a vibrant and purposeful curriculum. Our children learn to be resilient learners through a broad range of sporting, artistic, scientific, and technological activities. Each child has the opportunity to develop who they are and who they want to be. We understand excellence and set rigorous yet achievable goals.

Our children become increasingly active participants in their own learning. They are taught to develop skills of self-evaluation and understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own learning and for their actions. Our children are part of a learning community where the individual is important but that the needs of the individual are best met within a nurturing and mutually supportive community which we all have a responsibility towards. Respect for others and for themselves is developed through understanding and awareness of similarities and differences which we learn from and celebrate. Children are taught about local, national and international communities so that they leave us ready to engage with the next stage of their education and ultimately into the wider world as rounded citizens.

Have a look at our year group curriculum maps on the following pages which show what the

children will be learning during the school year.

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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development

At Tillingbourne we ensure that:

  • We strive to enable children to be aware of their potential regardless of gender, race, disability or other equalities issues; and to support them to achieve it
  • Where children have religious beliefs and non-religious beliefs we support and encourage those beliefs in a way which is personal and relevant to each child.
  • We provide opportunities for spiritual development through learning outside of the classroom. For example through music, art, visits beyond our school, use of our school grounds including to religious buildings of different faiths.
  • We encourage children to reflect and learn from reflection
  • We encourage individual endeavour and celebrate achievement and success
  • We enable children to develop the skills to work and cooperate as part of a team
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