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Curriculum statement


During KS2, pupils will be exposed to a broad range of different kinds of art and artists. They should be able to think critically about art, including their own art. Through gaining knowledge of artists, they should develop an understanding of how art has reflected and shaped our history and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation and many others. As they progress through each year group, they will develop their techniques and have the opportunity to apply these creatively. The fundamental skills of drawing, painting, 3D work, collage and textiles, print making and architecture are built upon with each new topic so that pupils feel confident to apply these independently. Throughout their time, the cross curricular links will strengthen their wealth of knowledge.



All year groups will plan art and design using the curriculum progression map, with support from the subject leader if needed. Teachers lead discussions and model skills to pupils along with discussing health and safety. Pupils are guided by teachers but have freedom to be creative with the materials used in the topic and have opportunities to discuss and critique each other’s work in order to develop it further. Self-assessments encourage pupils to reflect on skills they have learnt and how they can apply these in future.



Pupils’ sketch books are used to demonstrate drawing skills, control and technique with pencils. In order to record and show other types of work, pupils stick photos of their work into their sketchbooks, with annotations to show the process that led to their design, finishing with an evaluation. This would enhance their ability to reflect and constructively critique their own and other’s art work. At the end of each year we should see a clear progression of skills and techniques learnt by the children’s in addition to their own interpretation of those skills and artists’ influence in their own work.

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